Persuasion Copy


Gain great customers.


Through your content.


The people you want to do business with.


Hi, I’m Simon Williams. I’m a freelance copywriter who creates content that attracts the best type of customers to your door. Relationship-building content.


How does this happen? Through great storytelling as the bridge to your customer’s trust, with real emotion stemming from this tool.


Stories help you persuade those potential prospects to become your customer. No, it’s not crass or deceptive. It’s a shared and positive interaction.


I work with small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs/start-ups wanting something more than just web traffic from their content. This ‘something’ being awesome business.


Do any of the following desires cross your mind?


Looking for your website to connect and convert your ideal customers?

Get an SEO copywriter who understands the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimisation. Without forgetting who the copy is actually for. Humans.


Want your blog posts firing up your audience with discussion and shareability?

Use a blog copywriter who tunes your brand voice into your posts and can breakdown tough topics into easy to read (and interesting) conversations with your audience.


Needing content for your email marketing that grows subscribers and business conversions?

Have an email copywriter give you sharp, receptive and easy-to-read email content. A copywriter who knows the finer details of design, calls to action, and layout to enhance better engagement.


Looking for your content marketing to build your authority and your customer base?

Get an experienced content writer to not only produce remarkable content but promote it through the right channels. The places where your market hangs out.


Needing your sales letters or corporate brochures to grab attention when they sit in your customer’s hands?

Hire a direct response copywriter who places words on a page that keeps the reader, well, reading to the point of action – keeping your brochure or letter in their hands.


Finding it difficult to pitch your value across to your potential customers or investors?

Have a content writer understand your business brand from the ground up and convert that message into great writing.


If you want solutions to any of these

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I write your copy for two things – irresistible value and connection. For long-term relationships that deliver not only better business now, but also in the future.

Direct Mail Copywriting

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SEO Copywriting

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Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting is about relationships.   This is the tool that converts over any other platform today.   Facebook’s community-centric and Twitter’s quick fire shooting, but people who opt-in to your email messages want to...

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