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About Me


I don’t do boring. Neither should you.


Boring copywriting doesn’t win you a better audience, increase your website rankings, or establish your authority in your industry.


It just hurts you, and your business brand.


I’m only into making your voice stand out from everyone else out there. Using powerful copy speaking to your customer’s emotions.


Connecting something that’s, well, human.


I pour your personality and value into the heart of your content whether it’s website copy, email marketing, blog post writing, and even direct mail (that printed paper stuff).


I’m Simon Williams, a copywriter who loves a left of centre approach to writing great copy.


And I think you’re here because you want a fresh take on your content.


How this all started:

Five years ago, I wasn’t working in marketing but wrote on the side as a fun passion.


Every couple of weeks I met up with a marketing mate over a quiet beer at a local Inner West Sydney pub. One of the topics that came up regularly was on finding good copywriters.


He’d drop comments like ‘copywriting would just suit your skills’ and ‘you only need to be a decent writer, and you’re already three times better than what’s out there.’


Buttering up my ego? Without a doubt. Leaving a breadcrumb trail to follow? Well, he is a brilliant marketer.


Could this really work?


I felt I’d reached a plateau in my other work and was ready for a change.


So I did my homework and realised there was room to jump into copywriting. And focus on helping small businesses and startups get outstanding copy that drives more business growth.


Growth with the right kind of customers.


This ‘Persuasion Copywriting’ thing suddenly came to life.


But my mission was to take a different approach to copywriting.


Do you want sneaky, short term wins with your copy? Or some crass SEO tactics to show up in front of your audience?


Then no, I’m not your guy.


There’s a world of other copywriters who can help you with that. Go for your life.


I want to build you amazing relationships with better customers through copy that hits deeper than the surface. Sound close to what you’re after? Then I know we’re in the same ballpark.


Let’s both talk about inventive solutions to your copywriting needs.


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