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How Creative Content Puts You Miles Ahead In A Boring Niche

Real estate, insurance, tax, office supplies, engineering, architecture, dental services, transport companies.


To the wider community, they’re all pretty boring areas.


Many of these industries give the appearance that there are limited topics that you can create content. Or topics that could attract an ideal audience anyway.


But that leaves a massive opportunity for those people who are willing to be creative in their approach to creating content!


If you do it right, then you can put daylight between you and your competition.


Here are my tips to doing content when you’re not exciting:


Keep it interesting:

Interesting topics are important when working in a boring niche. And when there’s high competition in key topic areas, your content must break through that noise.


So a different take or perspective on them is your end goal here.


Good headlines are also a big deal, as they’re the door people must take into your article. Most readers won’t read beyond the headline but when they do, they’re more likely to read on.


Creating around ten to twenty draft headlines on a topic helps brainstorm everything out of your head.


The first ten will be rubbish but the ones after that should be a lot more enticing.


Take your best two headlines and test them out on your audience. You might love one headline over another but, until you test it out, you’re making a decision in the dark.


Getting this right generates more clicks and potential leads, and in a boring niche that’s gold.


Take, they source apartment opportunities for flat hunters across the US and the problem with an area like this is the ho-hum language that is usually used.


Average rental sites publish content solely for the hard sell – not with though.


They create blog posts on topics that sometimes barely dip their toe into property renting. It could fall on its face with this approach yet it doesn’t.


The topics they choose are their takes on more competitive areas, like Black Friday sales and Halloween decoration ideas, and these long tail keyword phrases that can attract users over the future weeks and months (possibly years), if it’s high quality enough.


Oh yeah, their headlines are pretty actionable as well.



Your use of language can give readers an easier journey through your content.


Being too technical in your post (or not breaking down the technical terminology) can leave your users hitting the brakes quickly and, well, they won’t continue on.


It should never be hard to scan your content.


Take CH2M’s website, they’re an engineering firm working on big infrastructure projects like freeways, water treatment, environmental systems and energy supplies.


What’s interesting is the spotlight they have thrown on each area of their projects.


They discuss the construction logistics involved, the hard facts on what was improved and the impact the project has had on the surrounding community.


The creative content is easy to navigate and the site is very conversational. You get the feeling someone approachable is behind the posts.



I’m an advocate on storytelling anyway but for content in a boring industry, it’s the core ingredient that you need to grab people’s attention.


I’m not just talking about your story either. Your customer’s story is the primary resource.


Case studies are a great example. Showing how people have had achieved success through using your business as well as the ups and downs of reaching that summit, puts an emotional depth into your content.


We are built for stories and the more emotional depth, the better.


For example, Zendesk provides a customer service platform for both small and large business companies. They talk about building relationships and being more productive through their product.


That boring niche part? It’s a call centre CRM platform.


But Zendesk do storytelling as well as anyone out there.


They have a website called Relate by Zendesk which is devoted to people, life, business and getting to know the things you may not have known before.


The content on Relate is both compelling and insightful, with a range of topics on being a good boss or approaching life with less stuff to boot.


These topics are far removed from everyday call centre issues, yet they tie back into Zendesk’s value of building good relationships.



Not only is creating content a good thing in any industry, but going the extra mile strengthens the belief that you’re committed to supporting your users.


Many of the best content marketers put the majority of their quality content online and make it freely available to their audience.


People like Neil Patel and Dan Norris do this, they give out the majority of their content because they believe if you keep giving people value, they will come to you for business.


When you’re a small business or a startup in a boring niche, content marketing is a challenge.


But if you can be transparent and quick to support your target market, you can become a voice of genuine authority within that industry. If your competition isn’t even close to doing a similar job, that growth could be lightning fast.


For example, Prime Five Homes is a property construction company building homes that are environmentally friendly.


They also have a big social responsibility program fused to its business model – ten percent of the money from each house sale goes to their not-for-profit enterprise, the Dream Builders Project.


The content here highlights the areas where this ten percent has contributed to a better social outcome and gives fantastic stories to illustrate them.


Prime Five Homes present the most actionable generosity in a boring industry, but they’re also a top shelf example.


While not all businesses can be that good in social responsibility, giving your readers the idea of you being generous with both your time and information is an important action point.


Videos and visuals:

When you search online, content isn’t just limited to just writing anymore. The visual is crucial to anyone’s strategy, and in a not-so-exciting niche the more interest you can generate from what you publish, the better.


Visuals cover infographics, images, gifs, interactive quizzes and slides. It can also involve video, a definite game-changer in any content making.


The brain reacts faster to visual content so taking advantage of it helps you connect quicker with your target customer.


Videos on your niche’s topics don’t need to be forty minute Discovery Channel documentaries. They should take the lessons of any creative content: be as short as possible, be as sharp as it can be and never be bland or dull.


Okay, so I’m a member of Snap Fitness (and pass over this example if you think it biases my content) and gym websites themselves surprisingly, lack video content.


Snap Fitness has created a second website named which contains a host of videos under different fitness goals. Each section tailors the training videos for that goal, like weight loss (High Intensity Interval Training) and Strength (Weight training).


They take content that is difficult to visualise in text form, i.e. how to do a workout, and places it into visual content.


I’ve seen many personal training websites doing more of this, especially through Instagram and Facebook, but not a lot of gym brands.


Energy, momentum and humour:

The problem with boring industries is not only how bland their worlds are, but how they present themselves online.


That leaves you with one big problem: getting people excited about your content.


Energy is a crucial component of any content but it’s particularly important in a boring niche.


When searching, users are just scanning the pages. If you’re not interesting or even explosive out of the blocks with what you create, people will not engage with your content.


You have to get that plane off the ground fast and lift it into the air.


The finance industry is one large mother, and is sterile to those on the outside of it. NerdWallet thought of a way around this perception.


Its website helps people out by comparing financial products so they can make the best decision.


They review financial products across the board including, selecting a bank account, choosing a mortgage or credit card provider and choosing a broker for investing.



NerdWallet also has a dozen different calculators for users to work out what mortgage or personal loans are affordable for their financial situation.


The company keeps their content jargon-free and brimming with things to action in your finances.



A not so exciting industry needs a good approach to content creation. If your competition isn’t doing a great job of it, the opportunity to become a real authority there is open to you.


Taking any of the above examples and employing them in producing what you write or shoot, puts you not only in Google’s mind as worthy but, more importantly, in your target customer’s mind as well.


What creative ways do you approach your own content to make it spectacular? What key differences are there in content writing between exciting and less than exciting industries that are worth knowing?


If you lack the time and resources to make your own outstanding content, we should talk today.


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