Persuasion Copy


Each copywriting service here gets my custom approach to your project.


Because being focused and specific delivers your copy, the right copy, on time and on budget.


What is my custom approach?


  • SEO Copywriting
    Technical know-how and expertise that polishes fantastic web copy for someone to read.


  • About Page Content Packages
    Get your About Page delivering more business right to your door. Tell your story through how your customer reads it, using your individual voice and easy to engage content.


Help them make a decision – and do business with you.


  • Content Marketing
    Understanding the nuances and the metrics of social media campaigns and website traffic to make your content marketing perform much better.


Content that’s never, ever boring.


  • Blog Copywriting
    Meticulously researched and written blog posts shaped for your niche audience. Posts which are unique and have readers opening well after the original posting date.


  • Email Marketing
    Razor sharp email copywriting used to increase your email marketing results to a new level.


  • Direct Mail Copywriting
    Writing that’s so personalised and buzzing in print ads or sales letters. Opening the readers up to your message. 


  • Entrepreneurs
    Rigorously planned and executed content for potential customers and investors of business ventures.


Taking the stress away from startups and entrepreneurs.


Here’s how I work from start to finish:


We talk

I discuss with you about what copywriting services you’re looking for, on the phone or in person.


My questions cover you, your business, your target market, your competition and your goals for the writing.


The more information you can give, the better the end result.


The things I will need to know:

  • The type of copywriting service you need (web content, email marketing, brochure, direct mail)
  • How much copy you require (number of words, pages)
  • The tone and style of the copy (to engage the target audience properly and with the right voice)
  • When you need it delivered by

The fees

You receive a detailed quotation covering all aspects of the work, from planning and research through to final copy delivery.


All agreed work has a 50% upfront fee, securing my schedule and your deadline.


Once this fee is paid, we’re off and running.

The plan

I collate all my key information and research together, outlining a plan to compose your copy with real style and substance.

I work

Using my copy plan, I write, knowing exactly what it must do and where it has to go.

You review

You receive my first draft to review. Tell me what you like, and what you don’t then I refine the copy.


You receive two revision passes of the work as part of our agreement.


I then revise and update my work.

The final copy and invoice

Once the final copy is given written approval by you, the final copy is delivered in Google doc, Word or PDF documents, along with the final invoice for payment of the remaining fees.


Once these fees are paid, the copyright for the work transfers to your business.


If you’re ready to get serious about converting the right customers through your content –


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