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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a time and attention burner.


Being a small business owner, marketing manager or ambitious entrepreneur, many things can get in the way of getting content out there.


But if it’s good, and promoted correctly, your prospects will not only find you but trust you too.


Content marketing provides long term gain. Short term wins are a bonus, not a goal. It’s a powerful relationship builder for better customers.


Why I think you want a writer to help:


You lack the time – Researching, creating and distributing content frequently burns up a lot of your time. And problems always come up in a working week that you need to solve. This means a content writer should do what needs writing.


You lack the resources – The demands of content marketing drains manpower, even if you have a marketing officer. E-books, how-to guides, email marketing posts, Facebook posts, Twitter ads, blog posts, videos or articles don’t write themselves. The pressure’s on you to feed the beast.


You lack the feedback – The reporting tools at your fingertips make content marketing’s ROI fantastic. But having the know-how yourself or someone you trust to assess the engagement metrics of a blog post or email can be an absolute gift.


People love quality. Good content helps people trust you.


Being specific in your chosen channels makes the difference. So whether you’re looking for:


A full content plan – A breakdown of content for each platform. Outlines for full optimisation and how the content will be promoted. With key metrics to follow for engagement.


An outsourcing solution – A writer to step in and deliver content in line with your brand’s unique voice. Without any trouble. From broadcast emails to a fifty page how to e-book, I deliver to a deadline, every time you want it.


Some personality in your content – Your content is your customer’s brand experience. No pressure then. I take two things very seriously in my business – human empathy and quality – and they will show up in your content marketing. Guess what? They’re both essential to connect with people.


For the love of Athena, don’t make your content marketing a bane to deal with. Come over and connect with me to deliver you copy that’s a winning, well-oiled machine.


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