Persuasion Copy

Direct Mail Copywriting

Print in your hands when done well is powerful.


Direct Mail Copywriting is the spark that connects.


You need a sales letter to hold the attention of the reader and convert them to your business?


You want a corporate brochure to work in connecting after being taken away from a meeting?


That physical presence carries such weight with customers, and it’s had quite a resurgence. But it’s your copy that makes the difference in your print essentials.


Let’s be clear, this type of product raises suspicion from the outset and has layered many bins from being snore fests. Your materials should strike something deeper within your customer’s mind AND galvanise them into doing something.


A friggin tall order even at the best of times. It’s a chord I love to strike in direct mail marketing.


The most sort after items:


Sales letters – Turning up in someone’s mailbox without an invite already has a wall you must climb over. I write direct mail copy with the ingredients to keep people moving from sentence to sentence and to bounce over this wall.


  • Great headlines
  • Personable body text
  • Persuasive calls to action
  • Magnetic Post Scripts (P.S.)


It’s writing to generate action by the very end.


Brochures – There’s a danger with boredom with brochures. And, like sales letters, end up in the recycling bin if it clatters on about ‘me, me, me!’


I give you brochures that shut up on talking about how fantastic your business in, and highlight the value your business has to the reader. Your product or service is given prominence when it relates to making the reader’s life better. That’s it.


  • Leave behinds
  • Point of sale
  • Corporate
  • Handouts


It’s brochure copy that gets customers coming to your business, long after they’ve had it handed to them.


And if you’ve gotten this far into what you’re looking for direct mail marketing success, come through to my contact page to chat



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