Persuasion Copy

Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting is about relationships.


This is the tool that converts over any other platform today.


Facebook’s community-centric and Twitter’s quick fire shooting, but people who opt-in to your email messages want to hear more from you (they signed up!).


So what you say in your emails can make or break your contact with them.


No pressure then.


I produce email copywriting to suit the needs of your campaigns. The two types you’ll want writing for include:


Broadcast emails – Want to promote an offer or service to your subscribers? Looking to give them relevant and fantastic content to build that trust in you and your business?


Your approach to email copy will set you apart here.


I write as a conversation between two people, that’s super friendly, super engaging and galvanises some action.


Transactional emails – Good personal touches and positive email copy can pull customers further along your sales funnel. Even if you’ve already made a sale.


I make smart use of space within these emails to keep that authority going and have them returning to you.


It could be confirmation emails, receipts or behaviour triggered emails based on their actions on your website or blog posts. That it’s worth the customer’s time.


Email copywriting that’s a unique conversation involving:


  • awesome subject lines
  • sharp and social copy
  • mobile responsive
  • lead nurturing


Email marketing has become a more personal experience.


So I create informal copy for drip campaigns from welcome emails to product offers, for the unique content you need to deliver to each list segmentation.


Your voice, your authority, and your solutions. It’s email content for an emotional response. Yes, I give you magnetic headlines, buzzing body text and persuasive calls to action, a lot of copywriters can.


But what you get from me is the emotional response that drives your readers to your wants.


Even in a social media world, your email now delivers the personal experience. Who would’ve thunk it?


Want to talk about making your email marketing increase your business rewards? I think we’re ready to talk.



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