Persuasion Copy


Nobody will cross your path online and nobody will care about you – without pitching good content.


Too many projects, too many priorities, and lots of spinning plates in the air. The life of a busy entrepreneur, hey?


Content creation can take a lot of your time that might be better spent focusing on other goals.


That’s where a copywriter can pick up the slack and seamlessly boost your conversion rates through good content


Connection is what counts. So what you say should be pretty darn good.


As your business grows, there comes a moment when you cannot do your own content marketing anymore. Many entrepreneurs think they can wait to outsource their content needs, that it’s something they can take more seriously further down the line.


However, you can’t. Content is power which delivers customers, and is something you need to be doing well right now.


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably come to the point where you know this. So, I’m here to help.


What do you get out of hiring me?


Copy that’s seamless

Your copy fused with your personality and confidence, without jarring any existing customers or investors in your business venture. It builds on what you’ve started with.


Copy that’s buzzing

Perfecting your pitch through beautiful words that attract the right type of potential customers and investors to your business. No nonsense, genuine, and winning.


Telling your story better than you can


I’m a copywriter. I write for business and for fun. I love the mechanics of storytelling.


Although you live your story and your business, I write content to make your story more engaging. The flow and structure of good storytelling hits the emotional responses of your intended community. Nothing beats it.


People only do business with someone they trust, and trust comes with emotional connection.


Whether they’re an angel investor, venture capitalist, or potential customer, knowing the ins and outs of these people makes your copy far, far better.


Remarkable content –

The one thing your content should be is remarkable. Across whatever types of copy you want.


  • Website copy for landing pages – Sales funnel conversions

  • Autoresponder emails for prospects – Specific to their actions

  • Google adwords campaign copy – Optimised for ideal search results


All SEO friendly, and blending powerful calls to action without leading the content’s rhythm astray.


Value within your budget

Some entrepreneurs have tight budgets. I know this. But you still have to invest money to get something tangible out of your content marketing. The basic upfront cost can return multiple times as much in sales. But only if you do it right.


The bigger risk is NOT putting your money where your content mouth is.


I could crow about the value of great content all day. However, so as I understand the financial pressures entrepreneurs are under, I’ve tailored the following check out my packages for entrepreneurs:


If you’ve got even more specific content wants, I can work out something to suit.


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