Persuasion Copy

SEO Copywriting

Look, I write SEO copy for humans first and then optimise it second.


And Google loves content like this.


Search engine algorithms have come a long way from endorsing keyword stuffing and hidden page redirects. They favour relevance, popularity, and personality in your content, over any perfect SEO form.


So how crucial is SEO to website content now? It still matters. A lot.


The best techniques behind SEO make your content easy to crawl and sticky with search engines.


They give answers to the reader’s questions. So the easier your website copy is to locate, the more receptive Google is to ranking you. This means showing up in front of your customer’s eyes, when they need you.


How do I create your SEO copy? I have four steps:


Customer profiling – To start, you have to know who you’re after with your final copy.


I research who they are (age, gender, profession, lifestyle, income), what challenges they’re facing in life and business, and what will drive them to engage with your content. I can then plan how to write for them, in your voice.


Competitor Analysis – Understanding what your competitors are doing with their content marketing, and how successful it really is, helps me to define how your SEO copy can stand out from them.


I work through the ins and outs of their website and other web content (like social media) to develop your web presence and build authority in your marketplace through this content.


Keyword Analysis – Keywords still matter in SEO. But making better use of them can mean the difference between capturing ideal web traffic and hearing crickets.


I meticulously search through hundreds of keywords and keyword phrase combinations to find the most valued ones for your business. Less competition means higher conversion rates.


Where do I shine my torch?

On medium to longtail keyword phrases (4 to 6 word phrases) that bring receptive, convertible customers through to your business. You get between 6 to 10 keyword combinations to sprinkle across your SEO copy and content marketing.


Fit For Your Design – If it’s copy for a new website design or redoing the text on the existing one, it takes expertise to place your content within the site’s layout. I work with web designers and developers to seamlessly place SEO copy on your website.


And I’m happy to let them know when copy should take priority over design quirks. (To be honest, that doesn’t happen often).


Writing for humans – Like I said before, SEO tactics shouldn’t get in the way of putting personality into your copy. It’s for a flesh and blood human to read and interact with, end of story.


So you get copy that’s made for a reader but also easy to read by Google.


The Technical Stuff – Of course this is an important consideration. Outstanding SEO copy requires technical essentials for any search engine to find it and rank.


The key areas that have an impact are:


  • Headings (H1, H2, H3s)
  • Keyword placement and density
  • Contextual linking
  • Link building
  • Geo targeting
  • Latent semantic indexing
  • Web traffic analytics


Yes, it’s a bit geeky. And hell yeah it’s essential for your SEO copywriting. A good copywriter should know the finer technical details of good SEO. After all, you need to deliver content to Google on a gorgeous plate.


SEO is a challenge. Good SEO copy rises up to meet it.


I want to strap the right SEO rockets on to your content to launch its engagement.


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